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Helping musicians play with ease, avoid injuries, and reach their artistic potential.

The mission of Effortless Artistry Music is to expand Taubman Approach training in the community and to enable musicians of all levels to achieve their artistic potential and play with ease for a lifetime. The Taubman Approach is a revolutionary and detailed method that teaches maximally efficient movements which make it possible to play musical instruments without limitations, fatigue, or injury.

The music world currently loses a copious number of instrumentalists due to playing-related injuries or feelings of hopelessness arising from an inability to make progress. Many thousands of musicians have been able to recover from debilitating injuries and return to playing because of their Taubman Approach training, and many thousands more have been able to avoid developing such injuries. Taubman training also provides a set of problem-solving tools that empowers students and teachers, promotes more efficient learning, and removes barriers to expression. As a result, students who may have otherwise been discouraged stay inspired, play with facility, and continue making music throughout their lives.

Effortless Artistry Music intends to make the Taubman Approach more accessible locally and online. We have a multi-level teacher certification program designed to keep teachers motivated and engaged throughout the training process. Currently there are only 34 certified Taubman teachers worldwide; increasing the number of highly trained teachers will broaden our ability to help students succeed and nurture their passion for music. We offer biannual pedagogy workshops, performance opportunities, teaching materials, and are adding community outreach events and annual festivals.

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