Effortless Artistry Music’s

Teacher Training and Certification

Directed by Brenna Berman, Golandsky Institute Certified Master Teacher of the Taubman Approach


Our goal is to provide quality Taubman Approach pedagogical training to all dedicated teachers interested in receiving Taubman Approach certification. Teaching the Taubman Approach is a challenging endeavor and requires a large commitment of time and effort. There are many steps to becoming a teacher who can fully retrain and equip their students. This program is intended to recognize teachers at each significant step with three Effortless Artistry Music Certification levels.

Teachers in Effortless Artistry Music are trained through their own private lessons, bringing their students to lessons with their mentor (“supervised teaching”), attending EAM workshops and lectures, and participating in hands-on group classes and technique clinics.

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*Effortless Artistry Music certification is intended to prepare teachers for further certification through the Golandsky Institute certification, but certification through EAM does not in any way guarantee acceptance into the Golandsky Institute certification program.

Effortless Artistry Music


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